Friday, December 21, 2012

Ossion Mild Touch Detox Bubble Mask Review

WHAT IS IT: Ossion Mild Touch Detox Bubble Mask


Ossion Mild Touch Detox Bubble Mask: Wash off bubble mask enhance facial v-line by reducing facial fats & firming. Protects skin from harmful external environmental air. Stimulates oxygen delivery into your pores to clean and remove pore impurities- blackheads, whiteheads, powder clogged pores, etc. Helps cell renewal to improve and prevent dull and aging skin. Contains caffeine that enhance facial v-line, firm and reducing facial fats!

This bubble mask went from gel-based consistency, prior to rubbing and spreading into bubble consistency.

Once the mask has fully oxidized, the bubbles are fully complete and stop bubbling up anymore.

And man, I do look like I jumped into the washing machine to get the soap bubbles on my face xD

VERDICT: Before I start, I do have to explain that this Ossion Mild Touch Detox Bubble Mask originate from Korea. And god knows how they managed to do that bubbling thing, it is just splendid and superbly fun to use. The scent wasn't that strong nor overpowering at all, so it's basically a breeze using it on my skin. And so much fun too seeing that gel turned into bubbles on it's own. This is actually a multi-functional product that helps with cleaning/cleansing and preventing pore problems such as clogged pores for instance. This product also has a slimming effect that promises to help with facial slimming and firming, and at the same time enhances our face line into a beautiful V shape.

Personally, I find this product fun and innovative at the same time. We all are used to the regular face masks such as paper mask, mud mask, for example. So, a detox bubble is actually a new and fun thing for me. It started out as a gel-based consistency that is a very light clear purple in color and after you rub and spread it on your face, it starts turning into foam before eventually turning into a thick and wonderful layer of foam.

Even though it is a bubble mask, there is no dripping nor spillage going on while it was still resting on my face. And the feeling I get from the gel turning into foam and finally bubbles is actually a weird tingling sensation that doesn't actually irks me. And I am quite particular about products that made my skin feel tingly all over, so therefore, this product has become my favorite now. Application is easy and hassle free.

I carried on doing my stuffs while leaving the bubble mask on my face. And eventually, the bubbles slowly dissipates on it's own, only then did I reluctantly washed my face clean of the bubble residue. As I only have one sample sachet redeemed from The Sample Store a few months ago, it's rather hard to gauge on the slimming and firming effect it promised. But, my skin definitely felt cleaner and after washing off the bubble residue, my face actually felt softer and smoother.

Although I cannot attest to the slimming part, I can definitely vouch on the softer and smoother part. My face felt so soft and smooth like a baby's bottom, without the nasty nappy rash. I can also hear the "boing boing" sound on my face already. Boing! Boing! And if there is only a mask I have to splurge and indulge on, this is definitely one of the many korean products I am willing to spend money on. If I ever get to buy this in Singapore at a physical store, I will do another review on the facial slimming and firming part.


WHAT I THINK: Boing! Boing! Boing!

WHERE TO REDEEM SAMPLE: If you are keen or interested to try this bubble mask, you can request for a sample over at The Sample Store.

However, take note that checking out 1-2 items costs you S$2.99 in delivery charges, while checking out 3-4 items costs you S$3.99 in delivery charges. You might want to check out 4 items, in which 3 of them are "substantially heavy" so you don't feel the S$3.99 pinch.

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