Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Semi-Hiatus until the end of 2015.

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As most of my readers are aware, I've not been updating this blog for the past few months. Was kinda brainstorming here and there a little until my job dropped a bombshell, from a 6-day work week, 8 hours daily to a 5-day work week, 10 to 12 hours long on some days. One thing led to another and I just conveniently forgot quite a lot of things, especially this blog. It's tiring, and I feel like a zombie almost on a daily basis and it would be most rude and insulting to post up new blog posts with a half-assed feeling. It's even worse when the post itself lacks a lively "voice" telling you the wonders and joys of a product and/or sample that went through trial-and-test before it gets unveiled.

It didn't help that I fell sick too often and most days, I'm just too tired after work to actually have the time to sit down and prepare a blog post. (Yes, I write my blog post on the spot. Not pre-write days in advance and schedule them to go live on different dates and times. Although I am looking at this option as a possibility for next years new posts in the event my job schedule is way too overboard to even consider humane) Off-days and Rest-days are even more precious now as it means I get to sleep in a little longer instead of worrying that I cannot wake up early or on-time. It's frustrating when your boss thinks "Oh~ You all get 2 off days now instead of the previous 1-off-day-a-week". It gets even worse when the people who planned job schedules, where instead of just planning for a daily 10-hour work shift where it is less tiring, decides to give you a 8-hour shift, immediately followed by at least one or two 12-hour shifts. It's as if people are planning work shifts for droids and robots, instead of humans.. If you all get and understand my drift -.-"

Meanwhile, I'll continue my semi-hiatus on this blog until the end of this year to adjust to a newly retarded phase of work and hopefully by the start of 2016, I'll settled a little more comfortably in my new work shift hours and be able to churn up almost daily blog posts once more :)

Meanwhile, stay happy, energetic and postive and see you all in 2016 :D

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Samples Received & Redeemed: May 2015

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Well, I think I am getting sick even more easily as compared to last month. Got a cold around a month ago, and my cold is still lingering on like a jilted lover LOL Have been sleeping with a blocked nose for the last 3 weeks or so and I am back to having coughing fits. And the best part? The weather is unusually hot and humid, which makes getting a cold seems like some magical event -_- Hence the lack of posts for the past month, since trying to sleep with blocked nose just makes me even more tired. It doesn't even feel like I slept at all...

Good news is that, I've finally gotten a new digital camera solely for blogging purposes. Expect somewhat nicer photos as compared to previous ones. And digital cameras nowadays have video recording as well, good for future video uploads. But for now, I'll take advantage of the video recording function for my main blog at the moment.

And I didn't have much chance to sift through for free samples recently too, but a little shoutout to The Swanple over at theswanple.blogspot.sg/, Miss Ivy is also an avid product sampler too and I got loads of links for old and previously released samples from her blog when I was just starting to get this blog up too :D

Anyway, less yakking from me as I bring you that monthly long-awaited blog post du jour:

Got to hear about Neostrata hosting a sampling activity, seems like they are becoming regular. So, it is easier to keep their FB page on your Bookmark to check back every now and then. I received:

  • Ultra Brightening Cleanser x 1 @ 2ml
  • Illuminating Serum x 1 @ 2ml
  • Pigment Controller x 1 @ 2ml

WHERE TO REDEEM SAMPLE: This sample redemption is over. I got to the Triple Firming Neck Cream Free Samples. If you want to try it out, just go over to NeoStrata Singapore FB page at NeoStrata.SG/app_160430850678443, Like their page and fill in your details. Samples will be mailed to your mailbox :D

Bio-Essence was also hosting a sampling activity. I got the 24K Bio-Gold Gold Water x 1 @ 3g.

WHERE TO REDEEM SAMPLE: Sampling is over :(

Well, I always get compliments for my hair. Looks healthy and that I should keep it black instead of coloring so it also brings out my "pale" skin-tone as well LOL I got my hands on the Diane Repair Hair Mask EXTRA Damage Repair at 200g.

My only tip is that, if you have virgin hair, like literally non-colored, non-bleached and non-treated hair, just leave it as it is, that means no coloring, bleaching or anything that will destroy hair. As it means you have to spend more money just to make sure it looks and stay healthy. But if it's colored, bleached, treated, permed, whatever you have done to it, always always use hair conditioner if you wash your hair everyday. At least once or twice a week, use a hair mask to maintain the condition of your hair. This way, even if your hair isn't virgin hair, it will still look healthy. It doesn't even matter whether your scalp is naturally healthy or have dandruff and you have to use anti-dandruff shampoo, still get down to using a conditioner. Your hair will thank you in the long run :D

WHERE TO REDEEM SAMPLE: No sample for redemption.

Saw NTUC having a Kleenex promotion, a 3-pack bundle and it costs less than S$4.00. Somewhat forgot the actual price already, but it's inexpensive. Since I have oily/combination face that has some sort of angst issues with pimples, it wouldn't hurt to get it. I can bring it to work everyday :D

WHERE TO REDEEM SAMPLE: No sample for redemption.

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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

iLa Spa Night Cream Rejuvenating Skin Cells Review

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WHAT IS IT: iLa Spa Night Cream Rejuvenating Skin Cells
iLa Spa Night Cream Rejuvenating Skin Cells

iLa Spa Night Cream Rejuvenating Skin Cells
iLa Spa Night Cream Rejuvenating Skin Cells: ila’s luscious Night Cream aids the restorative benefits of sleep, penetrating skin’s innermost layers to support from deep within. Fatty acids from the marapuama tree restore elasticity and visibly enhance tone and texture while antioxidants repair free radical damage caused by pollution and harsh weather. Potent but entirely natural skin cell rejuvenators, including essential fatty acids and fresh royal jelly, stimulate deep cellular processes helping to reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

iLa Spa Night Cream Rejuvenating Skin Cells
Directions for usage is stated clearly. Although it is a Night Cream, I personally find that it's still rather rich for my combination skin. Even though just a really small amount is more than sufficient for the entire face, it still feels like it's too much though. So, I generally use just a small tiny dot and in the event it doesn't sufficiently cover the entire face, another small tiny dot again.

iLa Spa Night Cream Rejuvenating Skin Cells
You can see that it is really thick and creamy, so, a really small tiny dot is what you should start with to prevent over-moisturizing.

iLa Spa Night Cream Rejuvenating Skin Cells
My skin looks hydrated and moisturized instantly. And depending on how little or how much you apply, the amount of stickiness you feel on your skin varies. As I use a small tiny dot of Night Cream, it doesn't feel as if my skin is too sticky or oily at all.

VERDICT: The scent itself is so heavenly that just one sniff is enough to fool you into thinking you are having a moment at a Spa instead of at home. It helps that the brand name has the word "Spa" in it as well. Just sniffing it before you actually use it just makes your mind goes a flutter as you imagine all the goodness your skin is going to feel and get when you finally apply the product itself to your skin just before bedtime.

As Singapore isn't really a cool climate type of country, so I generally only use it when the night is colder than usual, which typically means never. But it does help with the fact that because Singapore is such a hot and humid country that it is normal to sleep with the air-conditioner on at the coldest or the electric fan at full blast. Just perfect for using it on a nightly basis, in this case.

As it is a Night Cream, it is really thick, heavy and creamy and I personally found out that applying only a small tiny dab, just half a pea size is actually more than enough to cover the entire face to give it the moisture it needed. Technically, we should also use a Night Cream instead of a Night Lotion. Reason being, our skin loses moisture at night while we sleep. So, my presumption is that, using a Night Lotion means that your skin will lose just as much moisture while you sleep. But when using a Night Cream instead, even though we do lose moisture from our skin, it won't be that much of a significant loss as we are using a Night Cream (heavy and thick) instead of Night Lotion (light and lightweight).

I personally like how the Night Cream doesn't feel heavy, sticky nor oily on my face, which I attribute the reason to applying sparingly to avoid the greasiness and stickiness encountered with thick and heavy skin creams. As I tend to roll around in bed at night, I sometimes wake up to see imprints of folded sheets leftover on parts of my face, they tend to fade away after a while. But after using this Night Cream, these "imprints" are no longer seen on my face when I wake up in the morning. Yay!!


WHAT I THINK: As both the Day Cream and Night Cream is similar in texture and consistency, and the fact that both pots looked literally the same, with the exception of the words stating whether it's Day or Night, one can easily apply the wrong cream at the wrong time of the day without careful looking. So, a tiny half-pea size dab is definitely more than enough, no matter how dry or oily your skin is.

WHERE TO REDEEM SAMPLE: No sample for redemption.

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Monday, May 4, 2015

Samples Received & Redeemed: April 2015

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Well, I seemed to be a pro at getting ill recently. Right after my health wasn't going well just 2 weeks ago, now I'm down with a bad sore throat. My voice sounds too impossibly girl for my own taste if I really attempt to talk, in my humblest opinion. Other than that, it's gravitating between voice-less and way too low and way too huskier. Oh well, never mind that. Took a few days to also figure out that it's almost impossible to upload images from my phone to my laptop, have to literally sync everything to Facebook. It's a big roundabout way as mentioned in last month's Samples Received & Redeemed.

SaSa was previously having a massive island-wide and store-wide discount. Was a little tempted to look-see around, at least I now know I can still get My Scheming masks from SaSa although I have no idea why I cannot get it from Watsons anymore :( Anyway, despite having so much "massive" discounts, I personally felt that most of the items didn't seem to look discounted, in terms of price-wise. What made it even worse is that, considering that Singaporeans tend to be dumb, stupid, goondu and blind when you flash the word "Sale" and "Discount" in their eyes, it wouldn't kill to inform every paying customer that membership only costs a maximum spending of S$80 to sign up, instead of the usual S$200. (FYI, there's a dumb, stupid, goondu and blind girl writing this blog post too..)

Bottom line is that, despite you have a slightly longer cashiering process with each customer due to them actually spending that actual $80 just for the sake of getting a cheaper membership, you still ultimately get them to spend additional just for the sake of the membership, am I right? But it seems they can't be bothered with this little deduction. Their main concern, priority and focus for that "Sale" and "Discount" period is to ensure that each and every customer that walked into their store and started browsing around should have a small empty basket thrusted into their hands just so they can have a tiny-as-hell basket to place their purchases in before bringing everything to the counter to pay.

And worse of all? The staff is so bloody bochup, that instead of having a single-transaction receipt to qualify, they should allow maximum 2 same day receipt, or 2 same week receipts to qualify for the membership. This is one of the single reasons why I seldom shop at SaSa, much less consider spending S$200 inside their shop for a membership. It's like, in the end run, you're just a SaSa instead of a Watsons or a Guardian Pharmacy. What the hell type of crap do you actually have in there that justifies me spending at least S$200 each visit? If you're asking me to spend close to S$200 at Watsons and Guardian Pharmacy, it's not that hard since it's like a personal life and toiletries shop. But spending S$200 on purely makeup-related purchases at SaSa?

Which brings to the question of: Just how many mascaras, eyeliners, blushers, foundation/loose powder, lipsticks and makeup removers each person has to buy just to hit that S$200 cap, if said person is only intent and hell-bent on not getting the expensive and well-known brands, just don't mind cheaper alternatives? And considering the fact that makeup has a very short shelf-life life-span, just how fast do you expect a woman to use up her makeup so nothing would go to waste?

Anyways, here's a look at what I bagged for S$40++ before I had that realization stated above.

  • Foot Peeling Mask 10 Days Miracle x 3 @ 40ml each
  • Baby Smooth Purifying Cleansing Oil (Peach Extract and Sunflower Oil) @ 145ml

I actually bought 3 of the foot peeling mask since they had a "Buy 2 Get 1 Free" promo although I think I was charged the full price for each one individually. I used one on the same night I got home and was expecting to see the dead skin peeling off my foot in less than a week. It took a little more than 2 weeks to see a small sign of peeling. And get this, it's not like there were signs of peeling anywhere. It's a small spot here, then the peeling seemed to subsided and then another spot peeling, subsided. Then on to the next spot, so on and so forth. I doubt it's the product being ineffective, more like I scrubbed and cleansed my feet quite decently. Which probably contributed to the lack of skin peeling I was passionately anticipating for xD Another reason why I do not buy foot peeling jelly of any sort, unless it works on the lower part of my legs as well.

  • Mirror-Powder Puff-Powder Compartment thingy
  • Gliders Soft-Ties x 5 colors

I recently changed to a loose powder type instead of the regular foundation powder, so I thought I should get this for easy application of powder on my face. My poor makeup brush (a.k.a the one and only I am using as of now) has been overly abused, overly used and overly washed, it's a miracle that none of the bristles are falling off. Yet. As for the Gliders Soft-Ties, do you noticed that if you used the other type of rubber band that is encased in thread/ribbon/whatever it's called to gather up your hair in a pony-tail. It actually leave some sort of a line or crease on the back of your head, just right on top of your hair. Rather unsightly if you have natural straight hair that looks healthy and full and the thread-encased rubber band isn't really gentle on your hair and scalp either.

Because we get the misconception that even though it is a rubber band, but technically, the actual rubber band itself is encased inside a spool of thread. Therefore, we subconsciously think that if the rubber band itself is loose, we just need to tighten it a little more so that pony-tail won't drop off. Again that subconsciousness, even if 'I' were to tighten up the rubber band on my ponytail, my hair won't "hurt" because there's a spool of thread encasing the actual rubber band. And that my dearies, is how you get to mistreat, manhandle and abuse your hair over-time.

Hence, the weird decision on my part to try and use these Gliders Soft-Ties instead to better take care of my hair and scalp. If I am not wrong, you probably can make a similar one if you hav a stash of embroidery stuffs lying around. Just get those elastic bands that you need for the waistband of your pants or skirts, wrap and sewn-up strip of cloth around the elastic band. On-the-spot Gliders Soft-Ties, and you can have your own individuality because it's hand-made by you :D

WHERE TO REDEEM SAMPLE: No samples for redemption.

Was browsing around JEM and WestGate area recently, when I recalled that overly-hyped Tokyu Hands is already opened at WestGate and hence decided to pop in for a visit and see if anyone catches my eye and fancy. It's the same as every girl, on the outside we scoff but on the inside, it's all "OMIGOSH!! I MUST HAVE THAT J*SYCF*TS*C!!!!" Although I do have to admit, Tokyu Hands is just too way over-hyped. In actuality, it's a rather well conceptualized, organized, neat and tidy shop. It seemed so large from other beauty bloggers photos, but it isn't. So, no worries about browsing around until your legs give out. But on the contrary, if you are someone who likes to take his or her time browsing through every single item they have there, I sure bet you would need at least a solid 4 to 6 hours in there just to carefully browse each and every item.

I took multiple u-turns back to the makeup remover shelf because I wanted and at the same time, wasn't so sure if I wanted this makeup remover. Same thing happened with the hand cream shelves in there too. And the same happened with the bags, purses, pouches shelves too. In the end, I only walked away with 2 items as I needed those the most.

Tokyu Hands
  • Tsururi Pore Peeling Ghassoul Powder @ 55g
  • Panna Pompa Cleansing Water Blood Orange @ 300ml

Like I keep mentioning, pore peeling jelly, creams and the likes are stuffs I wouldn't buy partly because my face is decently well-cleansed. So using pore peeling products is practically wasted on my face. However, pore peeling products aren't just limited to the face only. Anyway on your body that has a layer of skin, you can use it on as well. Let's see, arm-pits are a good place. We think that regular showering and gently scrubbing with a shower puff is enough to cleanse the arm-pits. But in actuality, it isn't.

Another example I can visualize: Imagine that 2 to 3 months later, you started noticing a faint smell coming from your armpits. Despite using deodorants on a daily basis, as much as twice a day. Showering every day without fail, also as much as twice a day too. It still gets a little sweat-smelling after a while. This is where pore peeling products come into play in an effective manner. Before using a pore peeling product on the armpit, smelly right? In the midst of using a pore peeling product on your armpit, you will be amazed to see so much dead skin cells are being rubbed off, it's almost magical but on a wrong perception though. After using a pore peeling product, the smell on your armpit is noticeable gone and your armpit feels so much cleaner and the pores there don't feel so clogged up. And best of all? Your armpit don't look so "darK' as compared to prior using a pore peeling product.

There you have it, the perfect reason for using a pore peeling product on your armpit too!

As for the makeup remover, the panda face on the product convinced me I should buy it. I'm a sucka for panda faces :D

WHERE TO REDEEM SAMPLE: No samples for redemption. But previously, the old uncle cashier wanted me to like Tokyu Hands facebook page so I can get a free pen. I couldn't say No to free pens, could I? xD

Bifesta was hosting a sampling activity previously. I got the Bifesta Cleansing Lotion SEBUM (Cotton Type) x 2 cotton pads @ 11.8ml

Actually, it's not the first time I gotten free samples from Bifesta. They are always hosting sampling activities every now and then. If you missed the current one, just wait out for the next one.

WHERE TO REDEEM SAMPLE: Samples should be available as the online sample request form is still working. Go over to http://goo.gl/forms/DmrcKZ6nvL and fill in your details. Wait for the sample to arrive in your mailbox.

Was lingering around 7-Eleven, wondering if I should get in on the Mickey Mouse keychain faze or not. I always never participate in these type of shady stuffs, because the #1 reason is: "Sorry, cannot choose keychain hor~~" And I was right -_- I got the Dumbo one when in reality, I wanted the original Mickey Mouse or the black-and-white Mickey with a top hat. But well, life sucks, and it always turns out better in the end anyway.

Singapore Press Holdings
  • Cosmopolitan - Not pictured
  • Women's Weekly - Downy Unstoppables In-wash Scent Booster x 1 @ 30g
  • Style: - Laura Mercier Foundation Primer X 1 @ 30ml

I bought the Cosmopolitan because the #1 thing that strike my fancy was the small heading that said "Tips To Stop Feeling So Damn Tired". Yep, blow S$5 on a small article in a magazine that may or not may help with my tiredness..

I love my clothes and laundry smelling like it didn't come out of the washing machine, but instead from something more magical. In short, I never like the smell of detergent on my clothes all these years. If possible, the smell of air and sunshine is the best. But I don't live in a field full of meadow or whatever, so the next best thing is to get a Scent Booster such as this.

Laura Mercier = Expensive product. Since there's a sample being given away, no doubt I would get it and have a try and see if it's good to invest in on a long-term basis.

WHERE TO REDEEM SAMPLE: Stocks recalled. You have to call up Singapore Press Holding and ask if they have any more stocks left.

Let's just say I already knew in advance, around 1.5 to 2 weeks early, that TBS is coming out with a Fuji range. So, I was naturally excited when the range was finally "released" for the general public to purchase. My only question is that, it claimed to have been harvested around the hills of Mt. Fuji, but... do TBS know that there's a small patch of area at the base of Mt. Fuji which is commonly known as the Suicide Forest? :O So, which base of Mt. Fuji were this product range harvested from? D;

The Body Shop
  • Fuji Green Tea Body Wash @ 250ml
  • Fuji Green Tea Body Sorbet @ 200ml
  • Fuji Green Tea Eau De Cologne @ 100ml

Just FYI, I don't get the entire full range for every range released. The body butters are too rich for my skin. I once slid across the floor, after forgetting that I was sitting on the floor earlier. Dangerous times.. I normally get the shower, body lotion or sorbet and the EDT or EDP instead. These are like my 3 essentials from any range at TBS. Unless my skin is really peeling and flaky to the point I looked like I am shedding skin, then I would consider getting the body butter. If not, the body lotion despite being lighter is more than enough to get skin moisturized thoroughly without the thick, cloying and oily feeling.

The Body Shop
  • Forbidden Flower Shower Gel @ 250ml
  • Forbidden Flower Eau De Toilette @ 30ml
  • Winding Key - For hand creams

WHERE TO REDEEM SAMPLE: No samples for redemption. But then, everyone is going mad for the Fuji Green Tea range, so this is one of the released range that shouldn't be ignore if you want a little Zen in your life.

Dr Young
I received an email mailer which stated that Dr Young was giving out samples. So, I signed up for it :D The samples I received were:
  • Triple Action B.B SPF 33 PA+++ x 1 sachet
  • Anti Dryness Camellia Deep Cleansing Foam x 1 sachet
  • Timeless Forever Young Bamboo Blooming Booster x 1 sahcet

WHERE TO REDEEM SAMPLE: Link doesn't seem to be working now :(

The Sample Store
Carina Lau Sea Lily Whitening Mask x 1 @ 26ml

The only free sample available from TSS after all this time, was a little disappointed. But at the same time, if there's more of other samples, it'll probably be something I've already tried before though. I always get mixed feelings whenever I go over to TSS to check out which free samples are available for grabs.

WHERE TO REDEEM SAMPLE: Fully redeemed. I don't see this product anywhere on the "Free Samples" page now :(

Saw this on the shelves for a couple of years now, but as I was using another hair removal product, I had to give this a miss. Now that my other hair removal cream is almost finishing, it's high time I get a new one to try. I have mostly in-grown hair, which is a pain in the butt most of the time :(

WHERE TO REDEEM SAMPLE: No samples for redemption.

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Thursday, April 23, 2015

Rausch Willowbark Treatment Shampoo Review

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WHAT IS IT: Rausch Willowbark Treatment Shampoo
Rausch Willowbark Treatment Shampoo

Rausch Willowbark Treatment Shampoo
Rausch Willowbark Treatment Shampoo: Lasting and gentle relief from oily dandruff flakes combined with hair loss. Conditions and soothes the scalp with coconut palm oil and extracts of thyme and willow bark.

Rausch Willowbark Treatment Shampoo
The shampoo itself looks like gel-like ribena, to be honest in terms of color xD

Rausch Willowbark Treatment Shampoo
It suds pretty decently, but surprisingly, is easy to rinse off with 2 washes. Doesn't leave itchy after-feel on the scalp after washing off the product off my hair and scalp.

VERDICT: I personally find the scent of this shampoo a little minty, which I like it just fine. Normally, mint-scented shampoo guarantees a cooling effect on the scalp after using it. It's a herbal-mint type of scent that thankfully doesn't make you feel nauseous at all. Normally, brandname shampoos with a long history tend to have this particular type of scent that reminds you of your grandparents, but not with this one. It's always a pleasure to want to take a sniff out of this shampoo each time before you want to use it.

The consistency and texture of this shampoo is clear and gel-like with the color of diluted ribena. My apologies for the lack of "imagination" with regards to color-types. I personally find that the shampoo itself feels just like most ordinary gel-like shampoos, although I am personally glad it didn't feel like once it got onto my hands a.k.a skin, it feels as if it's hard to wash off. On the contrary, it is relatively easy to foam it up which ensures that the shampoo foam itself reaches and cleanses my scalp. And it also washes off rather easily too, only 2 rinse/wash-over, last I checked. It's rather sucky when shampoo foam takes more than 4 rinses to get if off your hair and scalp totally.

And after using and washing the shampoo off my hair and scalp, it leaves this really cooling and tingling sensation. Almost similar to the sensation and feeling you get when you use Head 'n' Shoulders Anti-dandruff Shampoo. It has this really comfortable cooling and tingling feeling on your scalp, which reminds you that your hair and scalp is well-cleansed, but without the feeling that the natural oil from your hair and scalp has been thoroughly stripped off. Even when my hair is finally dry, I didn't get any itchy feelings on my scalp. Which I think is rather rare when shampoos promises, but never delivers.

My scalp feels calm and soothed, like a baby. Not sure what my scalp will say if it can talk though. But my hair doesn't feel and look oily, and neither does it feel too overly dry. And get this, I didn't use my regular conditioner when trial-testing shampoo samples, unless the shampoo sample comes with it's own conditioner and/or treatment sample as well. But thankfully, this shampoo when used alone doesn't make my hair feel dry nor tangled up without warning since my hair sometimes have a mind of it's own and starts the tangling process from the ends without and "external" influences such as a breeze, to quote for example.


WHAT I THINK: I love the smell, I love how it is easy to foam up and rinsed off without too much trouble. And I especially love how my hair doesn't feel dry and my scalp doesn't feel itchy or irritated after usage. This is one of those products I would consider using on a long-term basis.

WHERE TO REDEEM SAMPLE: Samples fully redeemed.

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