Monday, December 10, 2012

Mizon Multi Function Formula All in One Snail Healing Cream Review

WHAT IS IT: Mizon Multi Function Formula All in One Snail Healing Cream


Mizon Multi Function Formula All in One Snail Healing Cream: 92% of snail extracts repairs fine scars from skin troubles and wrinkles. Various plant extracts help skin to keep healthy by rich moisturizing, nourishing, and protecting skin. Regenerate your skin, the same way snails regenerate their own shell.

Highly recommended for acne scars, sensitive and tired skin due to environmental factors, skin pores losing elasticity, uneven dark skin tone, irritated skin from shaving or skin clinic procedures and increasing fine wrinkles from losing moisture and elasticity.

This product is actually a white gel-based moisturizer that actually absorbs rather quick into the skin.

VERDICT: Well, as the title has mentioned, this is a Snail Healing Cream, hence I can understand how some of us may think that it is going to be a smelly product. Heck, anything that has "Snail" and "Cream" in one sentence are probably going to smell bad. I don't blame you as I have this misconception as well. And I unfortunately had the bad experience of a nasty school-mate (same school, different class but same level) who kept trying to smash a poor random snail into my face during our Saturday ECA session, which also unfortunately was the "Gardening Club". That poor traumatized snail smelled strongly of earth and grass back then, and poor traumatized me thought anything and everything snail-related smelled that way too.

Anyways, I personally was a little hesitant as well since it involves a little something from snails. And at the same time, snail cream are suddenly the rage all over the world, with practically almost everyone claiming that it works really well. What I can assure is that this product doesn't have any snail scent to it. In fact, it's almost a scent-free / perfume-free moisturizer no matter how hard or how many times I've been trying to sniff out a scent from it. And at the same time, I'm also glad Venus Beauty were giving these samples away in August as we can actually have a small sachet to try out, without having to feel gross about buying a big pot of snail cream and worrying that it might smell bad, just for the sole reason of acne.

It's a white color gel-based moisturizer. Despite looking all white and creamy, it is definitely more towards gel-based which also makes it easier to apply and absorbed into our skin. Heavy facial creams are mostly suitable for users who have very dry skin to normal skin as it's more beneficial for their skin absorption, elasticity, moisture level and whatnot. But still, gel-based moisturizers are definitely easy on the skin, whether the time needed to apply or how long it takes to get absorbed.

What I personally like about this Mizon Multi Function Formula All in One Snail Healing Cream is that it doesn't leave a sticky feeling or residue on my face. Remember the previous sample review I did on the Mizon Skin Recovery Night Repair Seruming Ampoule? I can probably thank my lucky stars that this is the next Mizon sample I was reviewing as the Night Repair Seruming Ampoule gave me a brand new pimple on my chin. And what better time to put a "snail cream" to the test when acne and blemish scars are involved?

I like the fact that this product actually lessen the redness of the pimple I unfortunately got. I'm sure we all know how red, angry, painful and irritated acne spots gets after the pus are accidentally or intentionally squeezed out. So, it actually does help to lessen the redness, the size of the pimple. Almost reducing it to the size of a pin with dedicated nightly use. Unfortunately, I felt that this snail cream did only just that. Despite close to a week after my angry pimple has surfaced and subsided, there's still a less angry looking red dot left on my chin area. And my old acne and blemish scars pretty much look the same despite dutifully aplying on a nightly basis.

I am guessing that this is one of those products that you have to use long-term in order to see the benefits it promised and guarantees, instead of seeing results in just under 1 week's usage. Although the good thing about this product is that my face didn't look greasy nor oily hours after application, and neither did I wake up from a night's sleep to a very oily looking face too. This can be used without toner on it's own, as I've found out after a few night's of cheating by not using a facial toner.


WHAT I THINK: It's rather hard to really be able to judge/gauge it's effectiveness with almost 1 week's worth of usage.

WHERE TO REDEEM SAMPLE: If you or your friends were tagged, shared or invited to like Venus Beauty's Facebook page around early August, you would have already got to redeemed this sample from them.

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