Monday, September 10, 2012

Dr. Jart+ Acne-X Spot Out Review

[ I apologise for the lack of update yesterday. But as I was testing out this current product for review, I found out that it started to work on a brand new acne that sprouted from nowhere. So, I decided to wait a full day to see if it's effective after a 24 hour wait, and for me it does. So, here's the review for it. ]

WHAT IS IT: Dr. Jart+ Acne-X Spot Out


Dr. Jart+ Acne-X Spot Out: Trouble-treating gel for soothing troubles fast and works on the roots of troubles

  • Works fast on troubles
    Using trouble-treating gel to will make pimples and troubles to go away fast and effectively.

  • Gets down to the root of the troubles
    Synergy effect from Selemix AN and natural ingredients sooth troubles fast working directly on the cause of troubles.

  • Protects skin from external irritation
    Controls and manages sebum and clogged pores. Relives troubles with fast acting ingredients. Forms protective layer on top of the skin to keep pollutants away.

  • Easy to carry and use
    Can be applied without using hands on the contents making it hygiene and carried anywhere due to its compact size. Frequent use will maximize results before or even after makeup.

VERDICT: To start off this review on Dr. Jart+ Acne-X Spot Out, a lot of samplers on The Sample Store Singapore mentioned that the scent wasn't particularly nice and it wasn't effective as the sample as rather small. I have to agree with the sample satchet amount though, it is really small and little to the point of being miserable. As for the scent, maybe it's because the amount in the satchet is so little, I couldn't detect any scent at all. But to admit the truth, it looks like a cross between glue and "what-comes-out-of-your-nose" when you have a cold. Yep, the color didn't look "awesome" or even remotely "regular" as compared to other types of pimple/acne cream(s) I have used before.

But this little sample satchet just proved me wrong!

As mentioned above, I happened to have a brand new acne sprouted out from nowhere without warning, somewhere on the inside ridge of my nose. We all know how pimple/acne looks like, it's red and angry, almost as if a single mini angry bird just crashed landed on your skin, but in the form of an un-welcome skin ailment we all must suffer. Noticing that I had this sample satchet from Dr. Jart+ Acne-X Spot Out in my house, I decided to try it out. No harm there, isn't it?

Initially, I was a little hesitant due to the color and lack of scent. But I still went ahead, and kept re-applying little amounts every 3-4 hours. Especially since Singapore weather is so damn hot, we may end up washing our face or just plain splashing with cold tap water in a bid to cool down. Even when I did that, I still remembered to re-apply after the water splashing episode.

Towards the end of the day at night, I started to noticed that same red and angry pimple/acne looking a little more "calmed" than before. Normally, my pimple/acne spots are red and angry looking and it actually does persist for a few days, if I'm lucky or weeks, if I'm not.

From red and angry to almost looking like a wee little moisquito bite in under 12 hours only? It's too good to be true, I told myself. But to further prove if this sample satchet is worth my time and money asking for, I decided to give it a full 24 hours time limit chance. And as I tend to keep late nights, I got to re-apply at least 2 more times before I finally crashed onto my bed.

This morning when I woked up, the first thing I did was to quickly run to the mirror to check out the "status" of my pimple/acne dot and guess what? That pesky little red dot on my nose area actually subsided to the point where it didn't look as if I had that pimple/acne in the first place. Impressive for just under 24 hours usage.

In fact, I felt this Dr. Jart+ Acne-X Spot Out is even much more justifiable than buying Oxy5 or Oxy10. 5 doesn't seem to work while 10 made my face looks like I am surviving winter while making my cheeks looks apple red and having me agonizing the pain on my cheeks. My face didn't had that much sebum when I woke up in the morning and I didn't feel any after-effects from using this either.


WHAT I THINK: There can be miracles~ When you believe~

WHERE TO REDEEM A SAMPLE: I got this Dr. Jart+ Acne-X Spot Out sample from The Sample Store Singapore. When I first received the sample in my mailbox, I thought it was going to be empty as it felt as if there's nothing in there. In fact, thers is, but just too little.

I applied this immediately as soon as I saw the acne on my nose area and it went off rather fast. So, if your pimple is already somewhat halfway to becoming ripe, it may or may not work. But if it does, do drop me a comment and share with me too. I'll include your comment(s) in this review for further reference.

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  1. Nice post.I like the way you start and then conclude your thoughts. Thanks for this information.

    1. @ Ankush:

      You're welcome. Most beauty products tested and reviewed on this blog are really tested on meh~

      And thank you once more for the positive feedback :)

      I appreciate it!!


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