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NOPS Pink Clay Brightening Mask Review

WHAT IS IT: NOPS Pink Clay Brightening Mask
NOPS Pink Clay Brightening Mask

NOPS Pink Clay Brightening Mask
NOPS Pink Clay Brightening Mask: “ Let's return to nature with nature!”

Nops will lead you into the pureness of nature. Synergy effect of plants and organic energy will make your skin healthy and vitalizing. Advanced prescriptions of Nops contain good values as it is with the efficacy of genuine nature. The energy of nature, getting from wind, rain and soil, will be delivered perfectly into your skin. Nature is beautiful by itself. So, we want to be getting alike nature.

NOPS Pink Clay Brightening Mask, as its name suggests, is a clay mask that makes your skin brighter. It contains lemon extract which helps improving skin color. The citric acid of lemon can prevent pigmentation and the formation of freckles. This Whitening and Moisturizing Pink Clay Mask contains unique ingredients which can turn dull skin into natural radiance skin. With purslane extracts, this mask can offer you a relaxing and moisturizing skin.

NOPS Pink Clay Brightening Mask
As the name suggests, it is really pink. And the clay isn't too hard to "manipulate" from pot to skin, although I have to stress that even when well-kept away from sunlight and the lid tightened sufficiently, this product can still dry up a little, making it hard to work with.

NOPS Pink Clay Brightening Mask
Here's how the clay mask looks like when applied to the skin in a thin but still generous layer. I mainly use it for my acne scars and blemishes.

VERDICT: The scent of this product is lightweight, although I couldn't pinpoint it to being any distinctive scent. But luckily, it isn't the lightweight weird or lightweight funny type of scent either, so phew~

The mask itself is mud-based, but pink in color and I find the texture and consistency really pleasant to use. With a face mask brush, I could easily use the bristles to somehow scoop out a decent amount for my entire face. And it is also easy to spread around on the skin without much effort too. Although I have to give a fair warning first, if you neglect to use this product for too long, even with the lid sufficiently tightened up, the product will still harden up a little. Not too hard to the point where you cannot scoop out nor spread it on your face, but just a little bit hard to actually be able to scoop any out with attempting to use your fingers to do the job.

As I mostly use this mask to help in lightening and brightening up acne scars and blemishes, I generally recommend using a mask meant for pore cleansing at least a day in advance to clean up your pores and get rid of gunk on your skin, suck as whiteheads and blackheads for example. And just before using this mask, use a facial exfoliating cleanser as well to get rid of dead skin cells sitting right on the surface of your skin. There's no point in whitening and brightening your whiteheads and blackheads and let the product brightening up dead skin cells, right?

I've also noticed that my acne scars and blemishes have gradually started to lighten up a little compared to before using this. It's not totally gone, but with continual usage, I am convinced that my acne scars and blemishes will totally go poof, but until then, I am satisfied with gradual brightening and whitening since it has lemon extract, which we all know, can help brighten up one's skintone.

So far, I have not encountered any side-effects or after-effects from using this product. And after washing this product off my skin after waiting for close to 20 minutes (that's how long I prefer my mask to sit on my skin), my skin felt softer, calmer and relaxed. It's like, my skin just went to heaven and back and feels like a pampered baby.


WHAT I THINK: I am definitely seeing my acne scars and blemishes lighten up a little, my skin looks slightly brighter than before as I use it only once a week or once every 2 weeks.

WHERE TO REDEEM SAMPLE: No more samples for redemption, although you can get this from any Venus Beauty outlets. Alternatively, you might want to check on ebay and other online stores that carry this product if you are interested.

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