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iLa Spa Day Cream Glowing Radiance Review

WHAT IS IT: iLa Spa Day Cream Glowing Radiance
iLa Spa Day Cream Glowing Radiance

iLa Spa Day Cream Glowing Radiance
iLa Spa Day Cream Glowing Radiance: A light and fluffy day cream imbued with fresh cells and oil from the deeply regenerative rosa damascena. Fresh rose damascene cells penetrate into deeper layers of skin to restore vitality. Contains rosehip seed oil to heal scar tissue and reveal skin’s natural ‘bloom’, damascene rose otto to regenerate skin cells and reverse ageing, sandalwood to rejuvenate and nourish at a deep level.

Anti-ageing and brings a soft, radiant and youthful complexion. Penetrates easily bringing extraordinary hydration, softness, radiance and vitality with a subtle, lasting fragrance.

iLa Spa Day Cream Glowing Radiance
Directions for usage is stated clearly. As it is a really rich day cream, just a really small amount is more than sufficient for the entire face.

iLa Spa Day Cream Glowing Radiance
You can see from the photo above that this day cream is really thick, heavy and creamy.

iLa Spa Day Cream Glowing Radiance
It takes a little while to fully massage the entire cream into your skin, but you instantly see your skin looked a little more nourished and hydrated.

VERDICT: First of all, the scent. It was so heavenly I was really hesitant on using it. Instead, I wish I could either use it to scent my room or just take it out every now and then and take a whiff out of it to refresh my mind. Just the scent along is enough to make one feel really restorative on so many levels, be it the mind, spirit or body. Never have I encountered such a product that makes me not want to use nor even consider finish using it at all.

As my regular readers are aware, my skin can sometimes act like a teenager on a rebellious streak. In my case, it meant pimples and acne out of the blue, and without anything to trigger it at all. Most nights, I have more than 8 hours of sleep and I drank plain water like armageddon is upon us and yet, my skin just decided that it must have pop at least a few pimples just to prove it's existence. Sometimes, it can get really frustrating to the point when I don't even know my current products are of any use at all.

But this day cream is like a life saver for my skin on days when I have a feeling that I might get to see a few pimples show up like an unwanted guest. And like I've already mentioned, just the scent along is heavenly in it's own. But the feeling I get when applying this day cream on my skin, it's almost as if I am at a spa retreat already due to the scent itself. It's almost like every application is a moisture injection to my skin and I can instantly see my skin looking so nourished and hydrated. Although the day cream is really thick, heavy and creamy, but just the time spent massaging it into my skin is just well worth the time spent on the application.

I especially love applying this in the day time before I step out of my house for work in the afternoon. By the time I reached my workplace and applied a light layer of makeup, I don't even need to re-apply anymore skin moisturizer at all. (I don't like applying makeup before setting out of the house, since Singapore weather is just frigging humid and hot and makeup under hot and humid weather in Singapore is just going to make it melt too fast) Throughout the entire day until I get off from work, my skin doesn't feel like it's being deprived of moisture under a layer of makeup.


WHAT I THINK: Simple packaging, but luxurious on scent and benefits for my skin, mind and spirit. I was so glad I won this set (along with the Night Cream) to give it a try. If I were to have to spend my own money, I wouldn't even know this product is so good despite the simple and minimalistic packaging.

WHERE TO REDEEM SAMPLE: No sample for redemption.

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