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Etude House Moistfull Aloe Mask Sheet Review

WHAT IS IT: Etude House Moistfull Aloe Mask Sheet
Etude House Moistfull Aloe Mask Sheet

Etude House Moistfull Aloe Mask Sheet
Etude House Moistfull Aloe Mask Sheet: Enriched with Baobab Tree extracts and Organic Aloe, this essence mask sheet provides refreshing and comforting hydration to dry, irritated face.

Etude House Moistfull Aloe Mask Sheet
Slightly bigger than my chubby face, I find that it fits over my entire face decently enough with a little more to spare. Unfortunately, my face isn't the long variety, so it does overlap a little more onto my chin area. But then, my chin area is also skin, so it works out :D

Etude House Moistfull Aloe Mask Sheet
Here's what the mask sheet looks like after usage.

VERDICT: At first sniff upon opening up this packaged mask sheet, there's this really nice scent wafting out. Had a somewhat blocked nose while using this, so I can't really tell what scent it is. (I did nommed a small amount of wasabi to get my blocked nose to clear up for a short while for the sniffing test. The things I do just to sniff sniff here and there LOL) But I was still briefly aware that it smelled nice, almost to the point where I just wanted to immediately rubbed the mask sheet as it is onto my face first before spreading it out properly and applying to my face the proper way.

I personally found that the mask sheet seemed a little too big for my already chubby face. But the good thing about it is that, it managed to overlap my chin. And since the area on my chin is also skin, it kinda works out well. Only issue is that it goes really close to my hairline, not that I'm complaining since I always encounter mask sheets in varying lengths and shapes. Some do leave a small gap of skin exposed from my forehead to my hairline, so I am glad that this long is a little longer than the usual ones I have used and tried before.

Normally, my preferred method of using mask sheets is to apply it on my face following the usual standard skincare regime. You know, the cleansing part. Although I did apply pre-essence such as The Face Shop Chia Seed Boosting Essence, followed by my regular facial toner before applying this mask sheet and following up with my regular facial moisture lotion and ending things up with my favorite The Skin Shop LUS Aqua Source Cream. The only difference is that, I waited a little more than 30 minutes or at least until the mask sheet itself is almost 95% dry before removing it from my face.

There's no scientific breakthrough, research or information about leaving mask sheets to dry up on the face. It's just my usual way of using mask sheets as I felt that it's wasteful to remove it when it's still decently wet with the essence liquid, it's almost as if the essence is not thoroughly soaked into the pores of my skin if I removed a still-wet mask sheet. In short, I'm rather stingy and money-saving with mask sheets LMAO

After removing the mask sheet, I noticed that my skin left my skin feeling soft and moist. And an hour later, my skin felt a little oily. But that's not the worrying part. It's better if your skin looks and feels oily and still know that your skin is properly moisturized and well taken care of with mask sheets than to have skin that looks and feels oily, but is severely lacking in moisture. I just wait out another hour or so before gently patting the excess sebum (I'm going to presume it's actually facial sebum since Singapore is indeed a humid country even at night sometimes) off with oil absorption paper/film before proceeding with my usual skincare regime.

And when I woke up the next morning, my skin doesn't look too dry nor chappy and yet at the same time, it doesn't look overly oily at all. In fact, I did noticed that my skin looks better moisturized, feels so baby smooth and my skin doesn't look dull at all. I always wake up to dull-looking skin in the morning, so it's a pleasant surprise to wake up with non dull-looking skin for the first time. And it also didn't irritate my skin nor did I have after-effects such as pimple and acne breakout after usage too.


WHAT I THINK: Never had much knowledge about the Baobab Tree unless it involves literature of some sort. but still, I'm glad I woke up to see skin not looking dull and meh.

WHERE TO REDEEM SAMPLE: I got to redeem this sample from Etude House app via Facebook sometime in 2013.

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