Friday, December 14, 2012

Mizon Hydra-Full Solution Watermax Aqua Gel Cream Review

WHAT IS IT: Mizon Hydra-Full Solution Watermax Aqua Gel Cream


Mizon Hydra-Full Solution Watermax Aqua Gel Cream: Differentiated in combination of water which is the most important process of making moisturizing cream. Provides outstanding moisturizing and relieving effect combining alaska glacial water, deep sea water, hita heaven water, and birch sap all together.

Gel-type light texture with refreshing feeling delivers cooling effect as soon as it touches skin. Controlling unbalanced skin temperature seen if the balance is broken. Rich moisturizing cream with oil included, can cause trouble for oily and complexity skin type. Watermax aqua gel cream absorbed quickly and does not burden much on skin to fully fill with moisture. Rough and sensitive vegetable active ingredients relieve skin and prevent various external skin protection

This is a very light coral-blue/emerald gel that can be used in place of your regular facial moisturizer. It's smooth and gentle, and glides easily onto my skin. And I like the fact that as soon as this product touches my skin, there's a cooling sensation that follows, despite knowing that I never left this sample in the fridge prior to using it.

VERDICT: First of all, the scent actually reminds me of the Biotherm Aquasource 24h Deep Hydration Replenishing Gel. If you had empty out the contents of this Mizon Hydra-Full Solution Watermax Aqua Gel Cream into a re-usable pot/container and give it to me without telling me exactly what it is, I could have been mistaken to the point I might not have a clue. Which makes me wonder if the similarity on the scent was intentional or just plain coincidence?

This gel cream is actually a light coral-blue/emerald color and the consistency is almost close to watery/runny, which makes it really ideal for someone who has oily or combination skin types. It's smooth, gentle, easily spread and absorbed into the skin without much hassle. I'm sure by now, we all should be aware that no matter how dry or oily our skin is, we still need to moisturize it no matter what. Moisturizing dry skin ensures the skin won't crack, while moisturizing oily skin ensures that our skin won't produce excess sebum to compensate for lack of moisture.

I like the little fact that after application, my skin doesn't feel sticky at all when compared to other gel-based facial moisturizers. It glides on so smoothly and easily and because it is gel-based, the absorption is actually pretty fast, as far as I can tell. It feels like my skin is being quenched right from the surface, right from the first time I applied it on. It's almost like the gel cream practically melts into my skin upon the very first contact, it feels almost magical.

However, here's the bad part of it. Despite being a gel-based moisturizer, I felt that this product is a little too rich for my skintype. Hours after applying this, my face felt and looked oily, although it isn't that bad when I looked into the mirror. And on the plus side, I didn't see any acne showing up without warning which I gladfully can thank my lucky stars for that. Other moisturizers with the same consistency and promises tend to leave my face feeling and looking oily with an extra sheen to it.

And I thought gel-based creams such as this should be literally lightweight in terms of absorption, which ultimately prevents excess sebum and oil shine. This product is probably much more suitable for someone with dry to normal skin type, which I thought is a shame since I love the scent, texture and consistency of this gel cream. I wonder if there will be improved versions that actually suit oily facial skin types like me in the near future, as this is definitely one product I will be looking forward to purchase, if not my face doesn't look over-glossy with sebum.


WHAT I THINK: Better suited for dry to normal skin types than for oily or combination skin types.

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