Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Danahan Hyoyong Yun Diamond B.B. Cream Review

WHAT IS IT: Danahan Hyoyong Yun Diamond BB Cream


Danahan Hyoyong Yun Diamond B.B Cream: Diamonds are believed to have positive yin energy that enhances skin naturally, reduces wrinkles and whitens your complexion.

Natural herbal elements, Yongyunboyangdan, instantly brighten the skin and help reduce the appearance of fine lines with 0.1 karat diamonds. Sunscreen protect the skin from UV rays, while a lightweight natural plant powder, Damhyangwhayeupbun, provides a long-lasting dewy finish.

Before applying on the DDanahan Hyoyong Yun Diamond B.B. Cream.

After applying on the Danahan Hyoyong Yun Diamond B.B. Cream.

VERDICT: First of all, let's talk about the scent. It's actually similar to your regular/typical BB Cream, the scent isn't that much different. If I were to give you a sample of this BB Cream without ever showing you the packaging, you wouldn't have thought it's a Korean brand BB Cream. And despite claiming to have natural herbal elements, I did not smelled anything herbal-y in this BB Cream at all. And at the same time, this is supposedly the first BB Cream in the world that contains 0.1 carat diamonds. Well, I definitely didn't see any diamond speckles in my sample sachet. Or maybe we need to buy the actual retail bottle where the diamond is inside the product itself.

To look at this product in detail. This contains natural herbal elements that instantly brighten the skin and help reduce fine lines. Well, I can be considered lucky that I still don't see any wrinkles showing up on my face as of yet, so it's rather hard to gauge on how well it covers wrinkles. However, I can attest to the brightening part, as my skin definitely looked a notch paler after applying it to my clean face.

It's not really sheer, especially on my pale skin. It actually made my skin looks like I've caked or layered something on as the color of the BB Cream is a significant contrast to my own skin tone, which is pale (as a ghost). And I thought this BB Cream is supposed to help even out my skin tone. But from the moment I applied it on, until about a few hours later, I can still literally see the BB Cream on my face. It didn't really even out anything on my face, especially not the acne and blemish scars. Even a one week old pimple on my chin still looked obvious.

Basically, the coverage cannot be described as sheer at all. And despite the BB Cream itself looking so smooth and seemed like it will glide onto my skin easily, it isn't. The moment I applied a small amount on my face and tried to spread it evenly on my face, it actually took quite a few minutes to spread them all over my face evenly as the consistency is rather thick. And it definitely seemed as though I put on too much BB Cream all at once, even though I know I didn't.

And hours after having this on my face, my skin looks and feels cakey and flaky. As I still have a little blackhead on my nose, I applied it on my nose too and instantly, my blackheads became whiteheads. I don't even know I should feel glad or not. Especially on certain areas of my face which is flaking on and off, it actually accentuates the dead skin, making it even more obvious than before. And despite the color somewhere close to matching my already pale skin tone, I found that it gets progressively pale as I applied it close to my eyes. That is over-brightening, no matter how I look at it.


WHAT I THINK: They wasted the 0.1 carat diamonds in this BB Cream...

WHERE TO REDEEM SAMPLE: I previously got to redeem a Eco Clinic Organic Hair Treatment Oil from Somang sometime in July. It was a open-book sample redemption activity, although I am guessing it's while stocks last. Needless to say, I went a few days too early as the Somang counter at Woodlands wasn't stocked yet. But since I was already there, the SAs (their accent sounded like they were from China) actually gave me a shampoo sample, a conditioner sample and this BB Cream sample so I won't feel like I made a wasted trip for nothing.

And get this! I didn't even ask for them at all. They actually gave to me automatically when the SAs realized that the sample I came to get wasn't delivered yet. If only the Singaporeans and Malaysians SAs along Orchard Road are so initiative when it comes to giving out samples. Sigh..

Anyways, go over to Somang Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/beautycreditsg and Like their page to be notified of future samples, giveaways, up-and-coming contests and so on :)

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