Friday, September 7, 2012

TBS Moisture White™ Shiso UV Protector Cream SPF30 PA+++ Review

WHAT IS IT: TBS Moisture White™ Shiso UV Protector


TBS Moisture White™ Shiso UV Protector: This moisturising cream protects skin against harmful UV rays. It contains the unique Japanese shiso formula. This multipurpose cream from Body Shop acts as a base for your makeup, gives you a fairer complexion instantly, hiding the blemishes and also protects your skin against the harmful effects of environment and sun.

Provides UV protection with SPF 30, helps protect from skin discolouration and has proven to improve the appearance of skin brightness in four weeks as it has been specially developed for Asian skin.

This product contains Japanese shiso oil, organic aloe vera,vitamin C and liquorice, which are all known for their skin lightening and complexion enhancing properties.

Squeezed out a generous dollop, the texture looks more like a moisturizer than a UV/Sunscreen cream. And it doesn't smell anything like UV/Sunscreen cream at all, in fact, the scent is rather good too.

After applying to my left hand, I compared it to my right and noticed that the left looked more visibly and significantly hydrated as compared to the right.

VERDICT: As mentioned above, this Moisture White™ Shiso UV Protector Cream although may look like a moisturizer than a UV/Sunscreen cream, the scent doesn't smell anything like UV/Sunscreen cream either. Instead, there's this wonderful sweet-smelling scent that you can literally associate it with moisturizer than sunscreen. How often does one gets put off from using a sunscreen cream or lotion partly because of the scent? I believe I do. It just reminds me of the days back in the 90s when I was still young and sunscreen simply screamed "Abomination", just because of the scent itself.

Plus the fact that Moisture White™ Shiso UV Protector Cream contains Aloe Vera and Vitamin C (there's liquorice and Shiso Oil too) kinda puts this as a double-win moisturizer + UV/Sunscreen cream all at the same time. But before I go on and on, let's take a look at the main ingredient that makes it "Shiso".

For over a thousand years, Asian herbalists have noticed that Shiso plants have the ability to survive the most extreme droughts and climatic conditions, as well as helping the surrounding plants to grow. As a result, Shiso has become the jewel of Japanese culinary art as well as an important ingredient in macro biotic food because of its healing powers.

Shiso essential oils provide a strong taste whose intensity might be compared to that of mint. Shiso is rich in omega-3 fatty acid and alpha-linolenic acid with anti-inflammatory properties and is considered to help preserve and sterilize other foodIn Japanese culinary, Shiso is served with sashimi (sliced raw fish) or cut into thin strips in salads, spaghetti, and meat dishes. It is also prepared as a flavorful herb in a variety of dishes, including Japanese pizza (Okonomiyaki) topping.

In Korean cuisine, Shiso is prepared for Kimchi due to its strong taste in leaves’ essential oils. Fresh leaves have an aroma reminiscent of apples and mint and are served in traditional Korean salad.

In Vietnam, Shiso is used as a decoration in rice vermicelli dishes called bun. Several parts of this plant are used for various purposes, not only its leaves. For examples, in Indonesia, Shiso seeds known as Selasih are often added to drinks. In China, Shiso is traditionally used in Chinese herbal medicine to stimulate interferon activity and help improve the body’s immune system.

Shiso (Perilla Frutescences (L.) britton var.crispa Makino) leaf extract contains various substances including Rosemarinic acid, Linoleic acid, Glycoproteins, I-perillaldehyde and Phenol Compound with unique properties to protect and revive skin cells by providing anti-oxidant benefits that are more effective than any artificial anti-oxidant In the market.


And now back to the review at hand!

As with most current UV/Sunscreen cream, Moisture White™ Shiso UV Protector Cream no doubt will also cast a whitish glow on your skin after application. Although it looks like a moisturizer, this cream no doubt is in fact creamy, and you do have to liberally rub it into your skin for better absorption and coverage. But once the product has been fully absorbed, the whitish glow will go away, and you will not look like a lost woandering soul loitering in the midday sun ^^;

Wonderful part? Moisture White™ Shiso UV Protector Cream is a full spectrum UV cream that protects your skin from UVA/UVB rays. What's more, it's oil-free which means it's suitable for all skin types. And this little nugget doesn't make your skin feel heavy even hours after application and it comes in a small handy tube that you can bring it out with you as well. How's that for total convenience?


WHAT I THINK: Convenience in a tube!

WHERE TO REDEEM A SAMPLE: As usual, The Body Shop may not necessarily have sample satchets. However, you can pop by any The Body Shop outlets throughout Singapore and try this in their outlet.


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